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Table Planner is an application designed to help you easily organize your wedding reception, events or banquets seating plan. Table Planner is the right tool do deal with situations involving lot of people and lot of tables.We are constantly adding useful and exciting features and with FREE lifetime updates, you always get them for FREE.[ Features ]- Multi event support: you can create as many events as you like.- Easy contacts import and management: phone and social networks (Skype, Facebook…) contacts can be easily imported and new contacts can be added. The list is shared between events so you don’t need to reenter the same information every time you create an event.- Intuitive and effortless seating plan management : create the perfect seating plan in no time. Adding or removing tables, changing table assignments of your guests are all made simple.Keywords : table plan, seating plan, wedding reception,  banquets, charity dinner, christmas dinner, conferences.

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