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Tabr is an innovative tabbed scrolling homescreen widget for any device running Honeycomb or Icecream Sandwich! With Tabr you only need one widget to show data from many applications! One widget to rule them all! Add the widget, then add some modules and enjoy the extra space on your homescreen while you quickly switch between modules using the tabs at the top of the widget!Modules can also be created for any application that has a data API, if you are a developer who would like to add Tabr support visit the website. This applications comes with a Bookmark module and a Contact modules build in. That is why it needs phone/history permissions!You can get more modules from the market (search "Agenda for Tabr" and "Social for Tabr")!Change the layout of any module to suit your fancy, want your bookmarks in a grid view? Do it! Like to see your contacts in a stack view? Feasible and suggested!Perhaps you don’t like the icons I’ve chosen for the modules? That is A-OK because you can customize them with any image or using the ADW icon packs!Some features of this application will become paid only in a few weeks, enjoy them for free for a short time during the open beta!Four modules are currently maintained by me and are currently available: * Contacts (built in to the main application)* Bookmarks (built in to the main application)* Agenda for Tabr (available on the market)* Social for Tabr (available on the market)Here is another neat feature, there is only 1 widget which means no more clutter in your widget selection screen. Use the Honeycomb resize feature to make the widget as large as you like.Upgrade to the full version for a limited time pre-release price, just tap upgrade in the widget settings! In-app billing is part of the Android market, you will be able to restore your licence on new devices or after a factory reset if you use the same market account!Contact the developer if you would like to create skins or modules!

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