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TabTex Qwerty Keyboard for AndroidTablet optimized keyboard finally available for the masses!TabTex Qwerty is a departure from the bulky and overly complicated keyboards currently on the market. This keyboard allows tablet users to type with their thumbs making for a more natural approach to typing on the tablet platform. The split keyboard design is comfortable after long use. TabTex QWERTY doesn't eat up your precious screen real estate by being overly bulky and sized like other keyboards, this keyboard offers the best mix of functional size with screen real estate considerations to allow for users to actually see the apps they are typing in. TabTex also allows for quick keyboard text color changing on the fly, simply swipe left or swipe right and the color changes! Swipe up and TabTex goes back to your color and transparency preferences you select in the Settings menu!- Features, Tips and FAQ:--------------FEATURES• Split keyboard that allows for ease of typing.• Transparency option so you can see what you're working on.• Multiple cool colors for the keyboard text!• Keyboard that allows for more screen real estate than competiting keyboards.• Keyboard is fully compatible with tablets and large screen devices including but not limited to 10.1”, 8.9”, 7.1”, 5” tablets.• Additional central column of quick keys with full number keypad.• Android keyboard with an actual working TAB button! (you would be surprised but lots of competing keyboards do not have tab button).• Auto-correction will NOT get in the way of your typing with this keyboard as it is bulk that is trimmed to make way for optimal speed without constantly having to work AROUND auto-completion/correction.• Works great in landscape or portrait views• Easy access to symbols.• More features to come------TIPSRemember to enable the Tabtex Qwerty keyboard input type in the android settings -> language & input -> configure input methodsKeywords: Tablet, Motorola XOOM, Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, EEE Pad, Iconia, ViewSonic Viewpad, Vega, and GPad, gTablet, Dell Streak, Notion Ink Adam, Creative Ziio, HTC Flyer, LG Optimus Pad, Keyboard, Typing, Text input, Tablet Keyboard, Transformer

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