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Tag’N Sync Omni-Bunker Edition

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Tag'N Sync... Simply Ingenious! The Tag'N Sync - OMNI-BUNKER Edition - is a productivity freeware that allows you to easily capture pictures, videos and voice annotations and group them by TAG. 1.Open your Tag’N Sync app 2.Insert a TAG (Description) 3.Capture one or multiple pictures, videos and voice annotations from your mobile device. 4.SYNC your files to the web (*) Your files will be transferred onto your personal Omni-Bunker secured storage. 5.Automatic Files SYNC to your PC. Your local Omni-Bunker software will automatically download your files for you. It will create one folder per TAG and copy all pictures, videos and voice annotations to their matching TAG folder. == FILES TRANSFER IS FREE AND UNLIMITED, ABSOLUTELY NO UTILIZATION FEES == Personal use examples: • Your memories (In a party, on vacation, ...) • Your invoices scans • Pictures of your insured goods Professional use examples: • Mandates evaluations • Inspections • Pictures of the store displays PRE-REQUISITE: You must be an Omni-Bunker registered user to be able to utilize the Tag’N Sync – Omni-Bunker Edition -. If you are not an OMNI-BUNKER registered user, you should look for the Tag'N Sync - Pro Edition - that works independently. (*) File transfer and secured storage are provided for free by *** Tag'N Sync and Omni-Bunker are registered Trademarks of Omnitech Innovations Inc.***

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