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This is a simple app that is useful for three different sets of people:1) If a lot of people have suddenly disappeared, download this app and check it out to find out useful information about what just happened. This app was created before everyone was taken, so you can trust that what it says is true (since it predicted the event--well, the Bible did).2) If a lot of people have not disappeared, you can use this application to find out about this yet-future event that was prophesied thousands of years ago. Although no specific date was given, several *specific* signs *were* given and *many* of those have already happened--meaning this event could happen at any moment. 3) Christians that believe in the Rapture, can use this application as a tool to witness to those who get left behind (even though you will be gone). It uses documents from to explain what has happened to anyone who picks-up your phone after the Rapture happens. The documents that it displays are stored in the app so that no network access is needed. It does however also contain a link to pull up the entire site (if there is network access) so the person can access the wealth of knowledge that is there. Simply download the app and place it in a prominent place on your phone's display (or menu). Then when the Rapture happens and your stuff gets left where you were at, someone may find your phone and check it out and see this application and run it to find out where everyone has gone.We welcome comments and suggestions (until the Rapture happens, of course).

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