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TalkingCallerID reads incoming calls callerID.Very useful when driving your car.Fully featured Caller ID , loaded with features. PHONES KNOWN NOT TO WORK- LGE Optimus ( some versions)- HTC Mecha (Incredible HD)- Huawei M860- Reads incoming callers callerID.- Reads name or number- Option to enable or disable- Option to set "do not disturb" time period- Language Option- Speech testing option- Filter Option- Filter from call logs & contacts- Shake to stop reading.- Honors vibrator mode***[ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ]****- You must have installed the English "Pico TTS" and the "Pico TTS" for the language configured on your mobile.To check this go to Android Settings -> Voice Input & Output -> Text-to-Speech settings > Pico TTS (Pico TTS settings) and then click on "Install voice data" and install at least the English "Pico TTS", and the "Pico TTS" for the language configured on your mobileKeywords: Caller ID, CallerID, Talking, Talking Caller ID, Voice Caller ID, Phone Finder,Talking SMS, SMS, SMS Reader, Voice SMS

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