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MIMI repeats everything you say with cute voice. Talking MIMI is full of amazing & hilarious animations, all of which will be on air soon. MIMI can provide hours of laugh to children of any ages. Parents will love MIMI because they will have some free time in peace while kids are playing with her. Talking MIMI features cute animals in the can, and here is what you can do to her when he pops MIMI repeats everything you say with her cute voice. Talking MIMI is packed full of amazing & hilarious antics. Talking MIMI will ensure hours of laughter and fun for people of all ages. – How to play – Talk and MIMI will repeat – Touch or rub her body – Press the dance, cute and hi button – CANIMALS are already here, but you may have not seen them. The last CD you bought disappears for days and then appears in the laundry bag? Somebody has taken only the chocolate chunks from your favorite cookies? How did your brother

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