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Discover How To Talk Your Way to Rousing Success By Mastering The Art of Talking!Talking is an art. How you talk tells what you are and predicts what you will be and what is in store for you in the future. It is the words that comes out of your mouth today that will either save you and make you wealthy or successful or condemn you to mediocrity or failure.Talks about Talking is one of the most important books ever to be published that helps people become not just a good talkers but also Masters of Public Speaking.Authored by no less than Grenville Kleiser, a former instructor at Yale University and the author of many books about Public Speaking, Talks about Talking is a comprehensive manual that studies the art of oral communication in excruciating detail and prescribes just what you need to become a master of it.To date, Talks about Talking has helped thousands of people overcome their problems in oral communications and become successful public speakers.Now the good news is you can become a Master of Public Speaking regardless of your educational background or social standing. As long as you have sincerity and conviction about what you wish to communicate, the world can be your captive audience.Here is what you will discover inside...★ THE ART OF TALKING★ TYPES OF TALKERS★ TALKERS AND TALKING★ PHRASES FOR TALKERS★ THE SPEAKING VOICE★ HOW TO TELL A STORY★ TALKING IN SALESMANSHIP★ MEN AND MANNERISMS★ HOW TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC★ PRACTICAL HINTS FOR SPEAKERS ★ THE DRAMATIC ELEMENT IN SPEAKING★ CONVERSATION AND PUBLIC SPEAKING★ A TALK TO PREACHERS★ CARE OF THE SPEAKER’S THROAT★ DON'TS FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS★ DO'S FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS★ POINTS FOR SPEAKERS★ THE BIBLE ON SPEECH★ THOUGHTS ON TALKING

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