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Please feel free to get the full version if you enjoyed the lite version. There are NO ads in this version.Guide Mittens the hamster across various colorful worlds collecting precious gems in this nostalgic action puzzler. With Mittens, you will explore expansive worlds that will test both your reflex and your wit in this unique experience. If you are ready for a fun challenge, Mittens is waiting for you.The objective of the game is to control Mittens while he runs; collecting all the blue gems in the world while avoiding the red gems. Blue gems turn red upon contact and over time Mittens will accelerate. The concept is simple and fun!In game, use either intuitive touch gestures or the on-screen buttons to turn Mittens while he is running. Tap the screen to jump.TIP! Indicate the turn anytime before Mittens reaches the corner in order to turn him when you want to.This game is designed to be compatible with most Android touch devices.If you enjoy such popular games as angry birds, cut the rope, fruit ninja, sonic the hedgehog, blue sphere, flight control, where's my water, chuchu rocket and angry piggy, Tangent Gems will be great addition to your collection.KW: free, tangent, gems, tangent gems, hamster, 3d puzzle, pseudo 3d, adventure, action puzzle, unique, fun, addictive, colorful, mittens, retro, nostalgic, fake 3d, fast, game, tangent gems lite

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