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This is a wordbook application.1. You can choose two directions: English -> Japanese and Japanese -> English.   (You can register words in your language instead of Japanese.)2. Several answers can be registered for one question.3. You can add / update / delete the words on your mobile phone.4. You can upload / download the data by CSV file.5. Data sharing with other applications.   (Right now, this application can register the word from aDice, which is the dictionary application.)6. Filter the questions by various conditions.7. Random test mode supported.* Summary - The application consists of two screens: "List screen" and "Detail screen" - Move to the Detail screen by tapping a word in the List screen. - Only the question is shown at first in the Detail screen. - The answer will be shown by tapping "Answer" button. - You can move to the next / previous question by tapping "Next"/"Prev" button. - Instead, you can show the answer or move to the next question by tapping anyware on the screen.   (Please actually try to understand the behavier.)* List screen - You can filter the question by the following conditions   -- "English -> Japanese" or "Japanese -> English" mode   -- Category   -- Checks (by the star) - You can show sub menus by holding the answer. - You can also show some menus by right-hand button of the phone.If you have any questions on how to use, please let me know by e-mail.

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