Tangram X


For new users, you could get "Tangram HD" instead now, if you like. They’re almost the same.***** THE LEGEND:Thousands and thousands of years ago , there was once a monk in ancient China, who sent his student on a journey to draw the beauty of the world onto a ceramic tile. So the student began his long journey all over the world. But unluckily, one day the student stumbled on a rock and fell. Alas, the ceramic tile broke into seven geometric pieces: two large triangles, a medium size triangle, two small triangles, a square, and a parallelogram. Try as he might, the student could no longer put the pieces back together. But he did never give up, and after trying again and again to fix the ceramic tile, something wonderful happened. Each time he arrange the seven pieces, a beautiful creature sprang forth. After a long time, he created so many different designs: human beings, animals, plants, buildings, boats…In the end, the student made an important realization: it’s not necessary to travel across the seven seas to find beauty in the world. The beauty and uniqueness of our world was to be found right there in those seven broken pieces!***** REVIEWS FROM PRESS AND USERS1. While testing "Tangram X" game, I already love it. Works perfect on phones and tablets!2. A smart game that leaves space for you and your brain. Awesome!3. Very addictive, good graphics, relieves boredom 🙂 have already recommended it to friends!4. A rare find – With so many amazing designs, I just cannot put it down!5. This game is easy to understand and play. I find myself not doing anything else but playing. It’s really fun, try it!***** WHO SHOULD GET THIS GAME?Are you looking for a highly addicting, challenging, yet relaxing puzzle game? If so, you shouldn’t miss "Tangram X". ***** ABOUT THIS PUZZLE GAME:The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which together can form various shapes.(Designs like animals, human beings, buildings, boats, number, alphabet, and so on…) The objective of tangram puzzle is to form a specific shape (based on background outline or given only a silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.Almost 1000 levels available in regular and masters modes together, which guarantees weeks or even months of great fun, with the beautiful design and relaxing yet challenging puzzles. You won’t regret downloading it!!=========================================Well, thanks for the millions of downloads of "Tangram Moment". This game is developed based on "Tangram Moment" with a lot new features and much improved. 1) You can play in both regular / masters modes(masters mode is very challenging);2) Hint/Solution available in masters mode;3) Save the way how the puzzle was solved;4) Better and more themes available;5) Timer available;6) All levels are unlocked;7) So much more…** You can save the game onto SD card for Android 2.2+;** All the screen sizes are supported, from smallest phone to largest tablets.

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