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This application is a collection of typical signs and disorders (called targets), collected after extensive research on the Internet. The main idea is to bring the user the possibility to search and study some disorders that have important characterizing signs. Several signs in the collection are classified in the literature as pathognomonic, but not all. The selection criterion for each item was the importance of their characterization. FIVE TIMES MORE ITEMS THAN FREE VERSION, FULL TRAINING AREA WITH 300 POSSIBILITIES AND NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED!DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE THE PROGRAM:1 - LOOKING FOR DISORDER (TARGET ICON): if the user searches for Measles, it will find as typical sign Koplik’s Spots. That is, when you are faced with measles, it is important to search for Koplik’s Spots, it is a strong indication of this disease, which does not mean it should necessarily be there. Some disorders have in fact very striking features, others less so, being the user's responsibility to make a clinical reasoning on the information received. It would be unnecessary if we put, for example, Fever as a sign of an infectious disease, since this signal does not help us to make a productive differential diagnosis. So this is the idea of the application, bringing salient features of some disorders. An important thing: we tried to make short answers to turn the studying process easily. However, some signs needed a better explanation.2 - LOOKING FOR A SIGN (DART ICON): if you search for Koplik’s Spots, it will answer Measles. That is, when you come across Koplik’s Spots, it should not stop thinking about Measles. Of course, you need some clinical reasoning over it. It is just the reverse of the previous item.3 - TRAINING MODE (NOTEBOOK ICON): here the user will be able to train their skills. Touching the arrow at the top of the screen, the app will choose a random disorder or signal, without its meaning, which only appears when you press the button-shaped balloon. Thus it is possible to train the knowledge or do a quiz with your friends.Read the Terms of Use before you download the application:TERMS OF USE:1. Please appreciate that the author cannot purchase all hardware and provider contracts for the large number of Android devices currently on the market. Please be so kind as to send a report preferably with screen snap should you encounter any layout issues.2. This application operates in Portrait mode only.3. Please contact us if you have any pre-sales questions.4. We are not responsible for any kind of damage caused by using this application (to devices or to people). If you disagree with this, don't install this application on your device.5. The Rimel Technology team does not endorse or affirm the validity of the medical content contained in the medical or healthcare technology of its applications. Almost all mobile healthcare or medical applications are not regulated or reviewed by medical bodies, and as such the validity of their content should be determined by the end user, the Rimel Tachnology team does not take this responsibility. When making medical decisions use your own clinical judgment.6. If you find any kind of error, problem or wrong, please, contact us to fix it by email If you don’t agree with the terms, don’t install this application on your device.Keywords: health medicine student disease disorder hospital glasgow now cpr clock pathognomonic diagnosis differential

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