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In 2007 Il Meneghello produced the stunning 22 insetti in 22 arcani di Osvaldo Meneghazzi.TarotBot presents Tarot of BugsIl Matto : The Fool - cricketCricket singsmaking its presence known to allwithout considering consequencesIl Bagatto : The Magician - ladybugLadybug flits aboutmindful of your presence yet unimpressedit carries itself in the moment.La Papessa : The High Priestess - butterflyButterfly floatsinspired beauty and graceriding the breath of earthL'Imperatrice : The Empress - beeBee buzzesworking incesantlyto manufacture the essenceL'Imperatore : The Emperor - hornetHornet stingsbending others to willthrough incapacitationIl Papa : The Hierophant - mothMoth appearspassing through the darknessand masses enthralled by the lightGli Amanti : The Lovers - CicadaCicada emergescalling for its partnerseeking unionIl Carro : The Chariot - flying antAnt exploresterritories well knownengaging opportunitiesLa Giustizia : Justice - metal beetleBeetle borescutting through dense coverto reach the heartL'Ermita : The Hermit - caddisfly larvaeLarvae weavesa tapestry of itself and its environmentfinding itself in the world and the world in itselfLa Fortuna : Fortune - goliath beetle Goliath persistsremoving all barriersas it moves through its cyclesLa Forza : Strength - stag beetleStag beetle standsholding its ground in the face of a challengefighting for loveL'Appesso : The Hanged Man - spiderSpider hangsawaiting patientlythat which is to comeLa Morte : death - scorpionScorpion hidestargeting its markstriking with precisionLa Temperenza : Temperance - harvesting antAnt marchesfollowing the path of its predecessorsin order to bring home abundanceIl Diavolo : The Devil - praying mantisMantis watchesstanding tall in the lightyet unseen by those it feeds uponLa Torre : The Tower - colony collapseColony collapsesso much effort brought to naughtby force beyond comprehensionLe Stelle : The Star - cricketCricket singsits song carrying hopethat its beacon will bring loveLa Luna : The Moon - fireflyFirefly shinesdreaming of a partnerto bring comfort through the nightIl Sole : The Sun - dragonflyDragonfly hoversinspiring awe and wonderyet remaining out of reachL'Angelo : Judgement - luna mothMoth returnsfrom the light to the shadowsculminating the cycleIl Mondo : The World - locustLocusts swarmits feast is famineas life consumes life

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