Technical Theatre Assistant


Technical Theatre Assistant is an application intended for stage crew members involved in construction. This application allows carpenters to generate cut-lists and diagrams for set pieces and has calculators to help with carpentry tasks.The source code for this project is available on Github! Feel free to modify the program to fit your needs, and submit it to me if you think everyone else could benefit. below are the features of this program.1. Set piece builderUsing the set piece builder, you can generate cut-lists and diagrams for the following set pieces. This application provides brief building instructions for these set pieces.- Platforms- Broadway and Hollywood flats- Door frames- Stud walls2. Dimension CalculatorCarpenters can use the dimension calculator to perform simple arithmetic operations using standard dimensions. For example, the dimension calculator could compute the sum of 7’6+1/2" and 2’3+5/16".3. Stair CalculatorThis application includes a stair calculator. This utility calculates the dimensions of a staircase, the dimensions of individual stairs, the number of steps, and the angle of the staircase based off information provided to it.4. Triangle CalculatorUsing the triangle calculator, you can calculate the angles and side lengths of right triangles.5. Rope Strength CalculatorCalculates the safe weight capacity of new or used rope made from a certain material, with a certain diameter, and a certain safety factor.

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