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TeleBudget is the cheapest provider in Belgium. Simply use our access numbers to make cheap calls abroad. You don't need to signup, just start using TeleBudget. The use of our cheap access numbers will be charged on your regular phone bill. It can't be easier! ℹ HOW IT WORKS: TeleBudget makes it possible to make cheap calls without any signup, new subscription, etc. You can just start right away! ❶ Open your TeleBudget app ❷ Select the contact you like to call ❸ Press 'Call' ☎ Now your TeleBudget app does the magic: it dials our cheap access number in front of the number you wish to call. € HOW DO YOU PAY: If you have a pre-paid phone, the cost per minute will be deduced from your balance. If you call 10 minutes to our 15c/m access number, 1,50 Euro will be deduced. Nothing more! If you have a subscription based phone, the cost per minute will be add from to your monthly phone bill. If you call 10 minutes to our 15c/m access number, 1,50 Euro will be added to your phone bill. Nothing more! ✂ CUT YOUR CALLING COSTS: ✔ Belgium: BASE 20c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Algeria: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Bangladesh: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Brazil: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ China: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Congo: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Egypte: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ France: BASE 65c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Germany: BASE 65c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Ghana: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Hong Kong: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ India: BASE 225c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Morocco: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Nepal: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Netherlands: BASE 65c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Nigeria: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Pakistan: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Poland: BASE 100c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Rwanda: BASE 125c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ Turkey: BASE 100c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ UK: BASE 65c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m ✔ USA: BASE 75c/m | TeleBudget 15c/m Based on a 'BASE Postpaid ALL' subscription. To compare Mobistar and Proximus, visit:

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