TeleEye iView HD for Tablet


TeleEye iView Series:iView HD for Tablet – for Tablet/Large screen deviceiView HD for Phone – for Mobile phone deviceiView HD Lite – for Free trialTeleEye iView HD is a video surveillance app designed for Android Pad (e.g. Xoom, Transformer, A500 and etc) that allows you to connect to your TeleEye video servers or HD cameras and monitor remote premises on your Android device anywhere, anytime. All TeleEye video servers and cameras equip with our award winning SMAC-M video compression that is specially designed for video surveillance applications. It generates multiple independent video streams to ensure no compromise on video recording and transmission performances though these operations are carried out simultaneously. As a result you can obtain crystal clear and slimless video update on your android device. You can view alarm events and control pan/tilt/zoom of your camera remotely. Managing your remote operations is now as easy as a click on your mobile phone. It is simple, flexible and convenient! TeleEye professional CCTV cameras and DVR solutions are widely used by companies in retail management, bank security, logistic service, property management, traffic control, etc. TeleEye offers total video surveillance products from HD CCTV cameras, video servers, video management software, DVR to IR cameras and speed domes for customer

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