Telerivet makes it easy for businesses and organizations anywhere in the world to create SMS services that communicate with customers, employees, and other mobile phone users. With Telerivet, anyone can easily create automated SMS services such as opt-in subscriptions, polls and surveys, informational keywords, SMS auto-replies, and more.Telerivet also includes powerful web-based tools that make it easy to send and receive SMS through your Android phone, organize your messages and contacts, and manage your automated services. After installing the Telerivet app, just log in to from any web browser.Developers can also use Telerivet’s simple API to enable their own applications to send and receive SMS anywhere in the world.When the Telerivet Android app is installed, it acts as a "SMS gateway" and will forward SMS messages between your Android phone and your account on Telerivet’s secure cloud servers. Telerivet also supports receiving MMS messages and interacting with USSD services, for example to check and refill your phone’s balance and transfer credit to other phones.Pricing for Telerivet’s service starts at $2.25/week, but it is free to try with up to 10 contacts. See for more information.

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