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The official Android is a task messenger designed to manage your projects: uncluttered team messaging meets precise task management. Reduce the number of project-related e-mails. Boost your team efficiency. Be on time. Period.* Create, update, schedule, send and assign task messages. So everybody knows what to do.* Every task comes with clear responsibilities, due dates, hashtags, team and project allocation. So you keep track of everything.* If somebody edits a due date or even the task description, all team members will automatically be informed. So cluttered mail trails are a thing of the past.* In, there is only one shared version of a task message at any time. So you never get lost in different versions of a task.Download on other platforms: https://telety.peWho we is crafted with love in Hamburg, Germany by technologies gmbh. We’ve been successfully developing internet software for more than 13 years. And using has significantly boosted our efficiency.More information:"Like" us on Facebook: us on Twitter: you have any questions, problems or ideas, just contact us via the "Feedback" button and your messages will be sent instantly in our inbox!You still use e-mail? No problem: contact@telety.peFrequently asked questions:Q: Do I need an existing account for the app?A: Yes. To use the app you first need to create an account at How can I change between my tabs?A: You can change tabs by swiping from left to right or right to left, by touching the "<" and ">" buttons in the bottom toolbar or by touching the tab's name in the title bar.Q: How can I sync my tasks?A: You can sync your task list by tapping the arrows icon in the top left. When you start the app or update a task, the app syncs automatically.Q: How can I edit a task?A: If you long press a single task, a context menu opens. This menu includes actions for completing, editing, deleting or starring the respective task.Q: How can I access the full description text of a task?A: Normally you only see the summary of your tasks in a tab - the first paragraph of the task description. If you double-tap a task you can see the full text. This works on your messages, too.

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