Tennis Masters Pro-100RP


***PRO VERSION with NO ADS Obstruction and 100 RESPECT POINTS***Buy Legend Offers and feel the excitement of progressing FAST…**** WELCOME TO SEASON 2 ****- New Items- New Strategies- New Competition"Don’t be upset if you can’t be a tennis player, this game will turn you into next Roger Federer. – Editor’s Pick from"(,30645.html)Now enjoy playing real tennis (sports games category) fun in text based RPG virtua tennis style (not like Stick Tennis, but differently enjoyable) and be the tennis star that you have always wanted to be for the US Open, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon or even ATP Tours. That’s PLAYER RESPECT !!TENNIS THE WAY YOU WANTED IT- Feel your physical presence inside the game as the tennis champ.- A coach to advise you with the excitments of the game.- Choose from over 20 trainings to improve your profile.- Buy over a range of 50 gears and see how your player upgrades to the looks.- Take rest before you get injured by over exertion in your career.- Be tennis star with style; Be a brand ambassador, sponsor, social worker and much more.MULTIPLAYER- Be a part of the on-going world exhibitions (US Open, Autralian Open, French Open, Wimbeldon) which were never in reach as a player before.- Challenge your friends, colleagues and closed ones and show them your talent.- Invite all to share the experience with you.UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIALPlay matches to earn experience you can use to unlock new trainings, gears, exhibitions, offers and much more.THIS IS YOUR GAME- Involvement of everyone around the world ensures that you are challenged all the time.- Be strategic in upgrading your player profile.Game, Set, Match …Developed and published by Play Ink Studio

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