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SMS from your Tablet, using your Android phone & number.** Note: you must also have an Android phone and install the MightyText app on your Android Phone first, before using this tablet app. ** If you don't have that yet, please download and set up MightyText on your PHONE, from Google Play: Text Messaging from tablet, sync'd with your Android phone. To send text from tablet, install this Tablet texting app alongside the MightyText Android phone app.Quick Reply SMS Popup Option: Incoming message can now show a popup which shows on top of your current app activitiy, and you can reply directly from the popup window. This is turned off by default, but can be enabled in settings.Phone's Battery Level: see your Android phone's battery level on your tablet!Having issue with Contacts in the tablet app? If you see any issues with your Contacts not showing up - it could be because you are using Google Contacts to sync your contacts with MightyText, which is the "old" way we are syncing contacts for MightyText. The "new" (and preferred) way is to sync the contacts directly from the phone:- on your computer launch the MightyText Web App- make sure your phone is on and has a data connection- in the MightyText Web App, go to Settings, then click the button "Refresh Contacts from Phone"wait a few minutes, - restart your tablet, and launch the MightyText Tablet App again to text from tabletkeywords: tablet sms sending ,sms tablet apps, sms from tablet, mms tablet, picture message from tablet talk from tablet, mms picture messaging from tablet, tablet talk, tablet apps that send sms from tablet, sms from chrome extension, sms from crome

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