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Text U Later was designed by Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico with the idea of combating the problem of distracted driving and keeping you safe while on the road. Stop worrying about texting or calling everyone that reaches out to you while you’re driving or otherwise occupied. While Text U Later is active, instead of reading and responding, it will send a text message to people that text or call you during that time. This allows you to focus on getting to your destination safely. Text U Later lets you choose from a set of predefined messages to determine what message your contacts will receive when they text or call you. These messages allow you to use Text U Later in a variety of scenarios, even when you’re not on the road. Text U Later has several features: • Designed with an easy to use interface – Text U Later can be activated/deactivated with the touch of one button• View and keep track of messages and calls received when Text U Later is active through the ‘Logs’ page• The ‘Logs’ page interface even allows you to return calls and text messages without having to look your contacts up on the address book• Choose a message in the ‘Settings’ page to customize what message Text U Later sends while active, according to your current situation• Customize your experience by enabling/disabling sound notifications when a message is sent and even allowing Text U Later to respond to missed calls while active• And best of all, Text U Later is free!

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