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by On November 3, 2010
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Simple, fast and free smartphone to smartphone messaging, with photoand groupchat.TextOne is a beautiful and simple text messaging application thatallows you to exchange messages, photos and groupchats, with friendson Android. TextOne also exists for webOS and iOS.TextOne goes beyond SMS/texting, instant messaging (IM), BBM and emailin many ways: it brings user really addictive experience.TextOne is better that SMS/texting:-> because you can send and receive messages freely at no cost, to andfrom any country-> because you can groupchat-> because there is no limit in number of charactersTextOne is better than instant messaging (IM):-> because you have reliability mechanisms and mobile optimisations-> because you don't need useless online/offline statuses, just sendand receive messages, simply-> because it is way more simpleTextOne is better than BBM:-> because you can use TextOne on Android, iPhone/iPad, and webOS-> because is relies on open internet standardsTextOne is better than email:-> because you can simply read and write small and quick messages,without signatures and quotes-> because you can have real and quick conversationsTextOne is SMS 2.0 or "SMS done right". It can also be called nextgeneration instant messaging.The TextOne Protocol (TOP) is based on XMPP/Jabber, with mobileoptimisations and reliability features.Please visit our Q&A section: give us your feedback, and ask for new features!

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