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The Habit Charburger Challenge

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Test your culinary and memory skills by making The Habit’s signaturecharburger. The Habit’s been grilling up tasty burgers over an open flame since1969, so we’ve gotten the balance of flavors and fresh ingredients down to ascience. Can you compete? The Habit Charburger Challenge builds a burgerfor you, shows you where the corresponding ingredients are so you can buildone for yourself. Pay close attention to where the ingredients are located!The ingredient cards flip over and when the game starts you have to buildthe burger from memory. Speed and accuracy are the order of the day inCharburger Challenge. There are a couple of hitches: Watch out for the evilJoker, he’ll wipe out all your hard work; also, the other non-food related cardsadd time to the clock. Play along with us and bring your friends. Really. Whodoesn’t love a charburger? Share on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be so gladyou did.

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