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Break the ice at a party, enjoy an evening with friends, or liven up a family night with The Hat Game: the frantic team game of guessing names that’s fun for groups all ages.Shout and mime your way to victory—or be the fastest to guess for your team. This exciting student party game is also known as the Name Game, Lunch-box, or Celebrities. It’s a fun alternative to charades at a party or family event, or to board games.Try out The Hat Game for free, and if you enjoy it, please consider supporting further development by upgrading to the full version The Hat Game anywhere on your phone or tablet, and you’ll always be ready for:★ Getting snowed in with your family★ A cheap night in with your mates★ Minding the kids in the school holidays★ That annoying gap between lectures★ Breaking the ice at a party★ Being stuck in a caravan in Wales in the pouring rain★ 3 am at a LAN party when you want something to do while the computers cool down☆ Four players or more can play with one phone or tablet (works best with up to 12 players).☆ …or connect another device with Bluetooth for twice the fun. (At least one device must be running the full version.)☆ Good for getting to know people, and gets better the more you play together.☆ Fun for all ages: if you can read, you can play. (And even if you can’t read, you can join in.)☆ User interface so sweet your teeth will fall out.☆ So easy to use, your granny can play too (if she can find her glasses).☆ Designed specially for Jellybean devices such as Nexus 7 and Galaxy S III, but full-featured on older devices down to Android 2.1.☆ Designed for handsets and 7in tablets, and looks great on 10in tablets too!☆ Spice the game up by adding your own forfeits for the losing team. Kids love embarrassing challenges, or for adults it makes a great drinking game.☆ Concentrate on the game without distracting and privacy-invading ads, or unwanted notifications.☆ Learn to play with the interactive tutorial, or read the full written instructions if that’s how you roll.

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