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The Invisible Universe

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DeveloperXperia Studio
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by On April 15, 2012
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See the hidden colors of the night sky with this app by astronomer Joshua Peek and Xperia Studio. For the first time, you can look through your phone and view the heavens in all their multi-hued glory: X-ray, ultraviolet, infrared wavelengths, and more.  Over the last decades astronomers have peered past the starlight and recorded a cacophony of beautiful structures filling our Galaxy. Some are the remains of the explosive deaths of stars. Some are the building blocks of planets. Some feed the massive black hole at our Galaxy's center. Many are still a complete mystery. The Invisible Universe app is loaded with full-sky images of the galaxy few ever see, and uses your GPS position and device orientation to reveal the invisible wherever you look.***9/12/11***Wavelengths have been updated to work with Droid X and other phones - if problem still persists, please uninstall and re-download. If still having issues, please email dev with make of phone and type of error.

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