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"The Master and Margarita" - a brilliant masterpiece, created by Mikhail Bulgakov, a fascinating mystical dyavoliada, revealing the eternal themes of love, the struggle between good and evil, death and immortality. This book - for the ages, it loses its appeal, after reading the first sentence: "In the hour of hot spring sunset appeared at Patriarch's Ponds two citizens?, We have voluntarily, and irrevocably bound to plunge into the world of the Master, Margarita, Pilate, Voland, Azazello with Koroviev and other heroes of the novel. Plot Satan, who introduced himself to the work as Woland, travels the world with the goals, one known to him, pausing from time to time in various towns and villages. During the spring full moon journey leads him to Moscow of the 1930s - the time and place where no one believe in Satan, nor God, deny the existence in the history of Jesus Christ. In Moscow, however, lives a man (Master), who wrote a novel about the last days of Joshua and sending him to death the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate, but that person now resides in an insane asylum, where he led, including the quivering attitude to his work, heavily criticized by the Censors and literary contemporaries. The novel he had burned. During the trip, accompanied by his retinue Voland: (cow, cat Behemoth Azazello Hella). All the people included in contact with Woland and his companions pursue punishment for their sins and peculiar sins: bribery, drunkenness, selfishness, greed, indifference, lies, rudeness, an imitation of ... Often, these punishments, though supernatural in nature, are logical extension of themselves misconduct (for example, Nikanor Ivanovich, Barefoot, who took a bribe Koroviev rubles, was arrested for currency speculation, because these rubles magically turned into dollars). Voland, along with his entire entourage settles in a "bad house" on the Gardens - in the apartment, where for the past few years, people disappear (disappear, though without the aid of supernatural forces, since the description of the mysterious disappearances of Bulgakov's a hint of the repression of 30th years). Margaret, beloved master, has lost track of him after he fell into a lunatic asylum, wants only one thing - to find and return it. Hope for the fulfillment of this dream gives Azazello Margarita - for this, it must fulfill a service to Woland. Margarita did not once, but agrees, and meets with Woland and his entire entourage. Woland asks her to become queen of the ball, which gives it that night. In the night from Friday to Saturday starts the ball to Satan. Guests at the ball does not fall just sinners - they are only true and ideological villains. NKVD (Commissariat of this is nowhere named in the novel his name) trying to understand the reality of the disappearance of the entire top of the theater "Variety", and most importantly - the origin of the currency, which mysteriously changed all gathered in the theater ticket office ruble cash. Traces of the investigators to quickly eliminate "bad apartment," they searched her repeatedly, but always caught empty and sealed. Another storyline of the novel, which develops parallel to the first - just the novel about Pontius Pilate, was written by the Master. This novel is an alternate version of the Gospel [source not specified 90 days]. It tells the story of Pontius Pilate, who did not dare to speak out against the Sanhedrin and to save those condemned to death of Yeshua Ha-Notsri (so named in the novel character, the main forerunner of which was Jesus Christ). At the end of the novel the two lines intersect: The master releases the hero of his novel, and Pontius Pilate, after the death of so much time tomivshiysya on a stone slab with his faithful dog who wanted Bangguo and all this time to finish an interrupted conversation with Yeshua, finally finds peace and goes into an endless journey stream of moonlight with Joshua. Master Margarita gain in the afterlife this Woland them "peace."

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