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The Montblanc Worldsecond is a unique photo-by-photo journey around the world, fueled by your imagination and creativity. Each Worldsecond is a single moment of beauty, captured by people from all around the world at exactly the same instant. Take part in this extraordinary experience using the Montblanc Worldsecond mobile photo app.Synchronized by the app’s integrated self-timer, the smartphone cameras of all participants worldwide will take a picture at the very same instant. A total of 60 individual Worldseconds will emerge until the end of December 2012, each one challenging your creativity.All photos taken during a Worldsecond will create a unique online mosaic of universally shared moments. For more info, visit photos simultaneously with people from all over the world, 
synchronized by the app‘s integrated self-timerChoose between four specially designed, high quality photo filtersUpload your pictures to inspiring photos taken by a worldwide communityShare your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & many more

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