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Managing "your wake-up and sleep".Improve your health by managing your sleeping state with this waking up-meter. In this application, there is a waking-up sound alarm that changes gradually from the sound of water flowing to that of a metal baseball.What is the wake-up sound alarm?The wake-up sound alarm is developed by Otodesigners Co., Ltd., "specialists in sound and hearing", and is based on indepth sleep and wake-up research.At the beginning, the wake-up sound alarm starts from "the sound of water flowing" that everyone will love. If the water flow doesn’t wake you up, the sound will become more intense and louder gradually.If you are still not awake, you will be woken up firmly by a high frequency sound,a metal baseball bat sound, that everyone will hate and find "noisy".Check your wake-up state!You can check the state of your wake-up each day based on which sound woke you up.Check your sleeping hoursYour sleeping hours are recorded when you stop the wake-up sound alarm.You can also check the state of your sleeping hours by a weekly or monthly log. Therefore it is possible to manage your waking-up and sleep states daily, weekly and monthly.You can also record the time it takes for you to fall asleep, the number of times you wake in the night, etc. Therefore, you can self-monitor your sleeping state constantly.Comfortable wake-up and sleep patterns can be achieved by managing of your daily state.Control your wake-up and sleep patterns, for a healthier life!How to use:A. Set the wake-up time. When the set time arrives, the wake-up sound will be played just like an ordinary alarm clock but the wake-up sound will vary from the sound of water flowing to louder sounds gradually.B. Press the "Stop" button as soon as you have woken up.C. The state of your wake-up in the morning may then be described by such expressions as "Feeling good", "Pretty well" and "Unpleasant". Sleeping hours will also be displayed.D. By pressing the "Detail" button, you can save and record your feelings regarding your wake-up, the time it took to fall asleep, the number of times you awoke in the night, whether you had a nap the day before, etc. You can record also the state of your physical condition and/or emotional feelings, etc., similar to a diary in "Free memo". For example, ‘I felt tired considerably’, ‘I exercised on the previous day’, I drunk too much’, ‘I was busy studying for an exam’ and ‘I got your period’.E. If you press the "Weekly" or "Monthly" button, you will see the records that you have saved in the "Detail", in addition to the state of your wake-up and sleeping hours pattern.At your mobile set as energy-saving mode, since an alarm clock may not start, please use in the usual mode.

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