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Thermo Basics contains a large selection of Thermodynamics laws, equations, tables and reference material that Engineers may find useful during their work. Table of Contents:First Law of ThermodynamicsSecond Law of ThermodynamicsThird Law of ThermodynamicsAbsorbed Solar RadiationCarnot EfficiencyCoefficients of Cubical Expansion of LiquidsCoefficients of Linear ExpansionConductive Heat TransferConvective Heat TransferCooling Mode and Heat FluxCritical Points some common SubstancesDensity of FluidsDiffusion CoefficientsDowtherm AEfficiencyEmissivity CoefficientsEnergyEnergy Conversion FactorsEnergy DensityEnergy Storage in WaterEnergy Transfer EquationFreezing MixturesFreezing PointsHeat CapacityHeat Storage in MaterialsHeat Transfer Coefficients in Heat ExchangersHeat, Work and EnergyHeating Up Applications - Energy RequiredHeating ValueLatent Heat of MeltingOverall Heat Transfer CoefficientPower Plant Performance FactorsProperties and StateRadiation ConstantsRadiation EmissivityRadiation Heat Emissivity for AluminumRankine EfficiencyResistivity from ConductivitySalt Hydrates - Melting points and Latent EnergySpecific Heat CapacityStandardized Enthalpies and EntropiesTemperature Expansion CoefficientsThermal Conductance Conversion FactorsThermal Conductivities of Heat Exchanger MaterialsThermal ConductivityThermal Expansion - LinearThermal Expansion - Volumetric or CubicThermal TransmittanceThermodynamic TermsUnits of HeatWater - Temperature and Specific GravityZeroth Law of Temperature

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