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Controls:Moving - Swipe left/right or TapPick up/drop item - Swipe down or Single Tap on item/inventoryStop - Single TapJumping - Swipe upUse item/Go to jungle - Double TapRemake of great ZX Spectrum game originally released by Micro-Gen in 1985. It uses graphics and music made by Team SpecNG - guys which developed remake of this game for Windows. Powered by AndEngine.The Week family went for a holiday, but crashed and was kidnapped by cannibals on a paradise island. Therefore the comic title; Three Weeks in Paradise…Wally’s wife, Wilma was hung in a tree and Wally’s son Herbert was put in a cauldron, guarded by lions and vicious cannibals. It was now Wally’s job to rescue both Wilma and Herbert, then escape from this dreadful place!Around the island Wally would find strange objects that he picked up; but he could only carry two at a time! He realilzed quite quickly that he had to use some objects on certain locations to pass them, or simply wear some to clear an area. Also he should beware of angry birds and hungry shark inhabiting the island.Key words for search:quest, wally, arcade, interesting, retroWalkthrough:

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