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Most customizable keyboard in the Play store for Phone, Tablet and Phablet. Packed with a lot of features you won't find on any other keyboard."Thumb Keyboard takes customization to next level" (Laptop Magazine) -------DESCRIPTIONThumb Keyboard for Android™ is a keyboard with many, advanced customization options that allows the user to adjust it to his or her preferences. This groundbreaking keyboard introduces a lot of innovations. Besides a standard layout it has a new (patent pending) "split" layout for tablets and phones that makes thumb typing more natural and comfortable. It also introduces a lot of useful and advanced functions that will improve your productivity and makes typing on your mobile device more fun and comfortable. -------SOME QUOTES FROM MAGAZINES AND AROUND THE INTERNET#2 in this years (2012) top 10 "indispensable Android apps list" of ZDNet's TechRepublic"Thumb Keyboard makes two handed typing a breeze" "An epic win for tablet typing" (Android Police)"Thumb Keyboard – The First Universally Functional Keyboard" (Android Guys)"Optimierte Layouts für Phone und Tablet - Test: GUT" (Android Magazin)---------------------------------FEATURESFLEXIBLE KEYBOARD LAYOUTS• Full featured standard layouts• Split layouts for tablets and large screen devices: Better accessible keys for thumb-typing on large and small tablets and 4"+ phones • Special tailored layouts for phones, 5" 'phablets', 7" tablets and 9-10" tablets• Option to select separate layouts for portrait and landscape• One-handed operation mode for large-screen phones No more unnatural stretching or juggling with your tablet or phone… STATE OF THE ART KEYBOARD TECHNOLOGY• Continuous Voice Recognition (Android 4.x): real time voice recognition using the latest Google Voice typing service • Multi-touch• Variable key spacing• Long press symbols and characters (customizable)• Auto-correction• Auto-correction feedback in text to reduce errors caused by unnoticed auto corrections (Android 4.x)• Keyboard shortcuts • Text to speech feedback• Voice input (Non Continuous for Android 2.2 and higher)• Bigram word prediction (predict word based on previous word - for Android 2.3 and higher.)• Swipe gesture support• Adjustable keyclick volume• User dictionary • 3D "coverflow" theme browser with 25+ themesFULLY CUSTOMIZABLE• Option to change the long press symbols on the letter keys!• Save much used phrases and enter with a touch of a button• 25+ Themes• User definable auto text substitutions (For example: thx -> thanks etc)• Optional user customizable key row • Change colors and size of keys, font etc.• Customizable background (choose your own image)• Full color customization!LANGUAGE SUPPORT:EnglishGerman (with special QWERTZ keyboard ánd special german keyboard)French (with support AZERTY)Spanish (with modern Spanish keyboard layout)Russian (with cyrillic keyboard)ItalianPortuguese DutchNorwegianSwedishFinnishDanishPolish• All special keyboards are also available as special (split) keyboards. • Possibility to change the long press symbols by special international characters!! Directly enter your typical language letters with a simple long press.-------------EXPLANATION OF PERMISSIONS:- The record audio permission is needed for Voice input- The internet access permission is needed for downloading additional dictionaries- The permission to read the contact database is needed to generate predictions based on the names in the contact database. -------------DOCUMENTATION & BEANSOFT SUPPORTSee get the most out of the keyboard be sure to check out the FAQ and Quick Start Guide-------------PLAY STORE SUPPORTFor download and billing problems, general market support and contacting the Google Play Store support team please visit:

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