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Looking for a clear Calendar and Schedule display? Your search is over. Time Line Calendar is the first Calendar that allows you to visually “see” and “feel” your time and events. TL Calendar has the first display that allows you to “see” and “feel” your free time. TL Calendar has a clear and easy to understand display for your Schedule and events. Simple and unique display is used to show your events on an easy to read month, week and day views. Time Line Calendar is the only Calendar that shows events on time-axis in all views. Just a short look on a view and your schedule becomes clear. Finally you can understand your schedule right on the month or week displays. The TL Calendar will show events from any Calendar source. All your events are shown as colored bars on a Time Line axis. Each event is located on the correct date and time. Each event is shown with its most important data. Different events have different bars and colors, which gives a clear view of your calendar. TL Calendar uses wide and narrow bars, and may show more then 1 event on the same time. Displays may be zoomed to view short events. TL Calendar has a simple filter that assigns different bars and colors to each event. Set it once and TL Calendar will automatically assign the correct colors to future events. Same events shall always have the same color as defined in the filter. Good filter setup is required for the function of the TL Calendar. TL Calendar will show Holidays and Birthdays on your normal views. The Free version of TL Calendar will show only events of the current month. If you like it – buy the full version and help us make it better. Features: •May show any Calendar that appears on your device (exchange etc). •Show 1 selected Calendar •Simple user interface with only 4 displays: Month Week Day and Agenda. •Click any event bar to view Event details in dedicated display. •Event details display may be small or full screen. •Today function available when Today is out of view. •Click a date or a day name (month or week displays) to bring the day view. •Add and Edit events. •Shows Holidays on main displays. •Shows Birthdays on main displays. •Shows week numbers on week display. •Set Default Calendar view (Month Week Day or Agenda) •Set First day of your week •Set the default time to be shown on day display •Set Color weekend days •Set Time style (24Hrs or AM/PM) •Select your shown Calendar •Select your Holidays Calendar •Select your Birthdays Calendar •Set Filter to events. Use a simple and easy wizard to set the filter. •Filter Events by any string that appears on any Field. •Set the text that will appear on the event. •Distribute your filter setup to other TLC users. •Simple and identical displays and setup for all (iPod iPhone and iPad). •Works on both landscape end portrait orientations. The TL Calendar Version 1.0 is new and fresh. Many more features are scheduled for the next upgrades. Visit our website and help us make it better.

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