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Coaches are you trying to understand how your team is really doing? Are you improving, staying the same, or even getting worse in some areas? Its one thing to have a feeling how your team is doing. Its another thing to have the numbers to back that up.Timed Stat Tracker will let you specify as many time based statistics as you want. They can all be tracked at the touch of a button. Things like time of possession for your team or your opponent. Time in the offensive zone or the defensive zone. Anything you can think of, you can track.Add seasons and teams, and then add the statistics that you want to track. You can even configure the number and length of periods for your particular sport.For each statistic you'll be able to track the amount of time in each game. Also the number of 'times' that it occurs, plus the start/stop time of each occurrence. For example, if you are tracking time in the offensive zone just by hitting the start/stop button you will end up with the total time in the offensive zone, the number of times you entered/left the zone, and the amount of time you spend in there each time you enter.When the game is over the application provides reports. You'll be given graphs showing how your team is doing. Reports include:- Single Statistic – includes a graph and data for entire season- Game – all the data for the selected game- Team – broken down as follows- Whole Season- By Opponent- By Location (Home/Away)- By Game Type (Regular, Exhibition, Tournament, Playoffs)The Team report can be broken up by Opponent, Home Games vs Away Games, or Game Type (Exhibition, League, Playoff or Tournament). Have a look at the screen shots for examples.All reports can be emailed as PDF and CSV – for import into Excel. Note that the Game report is only csv format.Need another report? Email me and I'll do my best to add it.Timed Stat Tracker LITE is fully functional but allows only two games to be created.

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