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LISTEN, READ, PLAY & LEARN ! (includes Teaching TIPS)TIMES TABLES TEACHER is an educational product. Its objective is to help commit to memory the 1 to 12 times tables through the age old tried and proven method of repetition. It utilizes a user friendly interface and interactive design to help challenge and stimulate the young mind. Users can choose to read times tables’ lists or listen to them being read aloud by the 'teacher'. This aids with both active and passive learning. Test modes are fun and encourage retention and self appraisal. Best of all, this product can be used anywhere and anytime. Maths made fun and easy!Use on any size device.Features:-LISTEN to the lists of times tables being recited.-Teaching instructions & TIPS.-Easy to read hand written font.-Practice modes.-Test modes.-Check wrong answers.-Monitor time & scores.-Multi-language support (English, French, German, Italian)-Enable/Disable sound effects.-Optimized for all android phones and tablets.-Modify speech rate.-Speech turns off with incoming calls.USER MANUALThe HOME page is the navigation hub. It is available in 2 formats; SINGLE PAGE or LIST. The default view can easily be set in SETTINGS.The desired times tables can be selected and deselected individually or all at once using the SELECT button on the right side of the menu bar.The MODE button is used to select an activity. These include;(1) PRACTICE modeThis section allows the user to practice the selected times tables by reading and listening. The latter is achieved by using the READ button. The REPEAT function extends the read out to 5 cycles. The user may select from 4 languages. Currently supported languages are English, French, German and Italian. More languages will be added in the future.The times tables are displayed in a clear hand written style and on a contrasting background which allows easy reading.PREV and NEXT buttons enable scrolling through the selected times tables.(2) TEST modes (SEQUENTIAL and RANDOM)These are interactive timed modes and encourages the user to self examine. The selected times tables are generated in sequence (1x1=, 1x2=, 1x3=) or randomly (1x2=, 1x3=, 1x1=).Visual and sound effects provide a fun, entertaining and stimulating environment. The user is rewarded with applause for correct answers and cheers for perfect results.The TEST modes measure accuracy and competence. It entices the user to better previous times and results. (3) WRONG ANSWER modeThis section allows the user to review errors made in the TEST modes and relearn. This can be achieved again by reading and listening. Practice makes perfect!(4) TRICKY modeThis section provides a list of the most difficult times tables that trouble children.(5) TIPS modeSuggests some tips and tricks to help memorize the Times Tables.The BEST SCORES button accesses a database of saved results. Entry to this elite page is achieved by completing the whole times tables (144). Rating is based primarily on the number of correct answers followed by time taken.The START button is used to commence the selected mode/activities. Defaults can be selected in SETTINGS. In this section HOME view, start in mode and language can be selected. Button and Test Mode sound effects can be enabled or disabled.Search keywords: Times tables, Maths, Multiplication, Education, Teach, Learn, Read.Support: OTHER GREAT ACORE PRODUCTS at

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