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Do you want to control how long your son plays games on the smart phone? Before playing all kind of games, do you want to encourage your daughter to exercise her maths skills?If you answered yes to the above questions then this app is for you :-)When my 7 year old son wants to play on my iPad or my Android phone I give him this app. I tell him: first you need to earn it by doing some arithmetic. I set him a target to achieve and a reward play time of 120 minutes. Once he achieves his target, this app starts monitoring the time. After two hours I receive an SMS reminding me that play time is up. Sometimes, I give my son this app when he wants to watch TV and I want to keep track of the time. How this app works?You, as the parent, need to set the following parameters:- Level of complexity of the math questions. By default, all numbers are smaller than 10.- The target points to achieve. By default, target is 20 points. For each correct answer, one point is added. For each incorrect answer, one point is deduced.- The length of the reward play time. By default it is two hours.- The notification mechanism. How do you want to be notified when play time is finished. By default, the device will vibrate. If you prefer, you can add your mobile phone number to receive a SMS when time is up.ExamplesTo set the target to 40 points and reward play time to 60 minutes:- press Menu -> Settings- select ‘Target and Reward’ – adjust the target seek bar to 40- adjust the play time seek bar to 60To enter your phone number:- press Menu -> Settings- select ‘SMS number’- enter the numberTo set number complexity and the arithmetic operation:- press Menu -> Settings- select ‘Complexity’- adjust the seek bar of both numbers- select ‘Operation’- select add or minusSetting target or reward play time to zero means the child can play any length of time.I hope your child will improve in maths and you get the satisfaction that ‘play time is not infinite’. Many thanks

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