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As envisioned by Terence McKenna, the timewave is made by using the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, the divination symbols used in China for thousands of years. Converted into a list of numbers, the I Ching sequence is used to calculate the level of 'novelty' for every day and displayed as a bar graph.'Novelty' is said to be a measure of change in the world, and the lower it is, the more there is of it. When the graph goes down steeply, many changes are said to occur in the universe.Some historical dates are displayed on the graph, so you can see if they line up with a dip in the graph. You can experiment with the zero date to move the whole graph into the past or the future, which can help to align historical events with the graph.How to use:The app displays the Timewave graph for a given period.Use the top left date (orange numbers, marked 'start') to enter the date for the left-side end of the graph. Format is year-month-day.Use the lower left date (orange numbers, marked 'end') to enter the date for the right-side end of the graph. Format is year-month-day.Press 'Calculate', and the graph will be calculated for the given timespan.The third date (black numbers, marked 'zero') is the date where the graph reaches zero. Famously this was December 21, 2012. Peter Meyer has proposed a new date: July 8, 2018. You can set it to any other date and test how historic events will line up with tops and dips in the graph. For example the close approach of 99942 Apophis on Friday April 13, 2029.'Default dates' resets the zero date to July 8, 2018, the end date to today, and the start date to some year in the past.'Screenshot' show you a message on behalf of Botanical Dimensions, while it saves the graph as a PNG-file in a directory called 'witzo' on your internal storage (this is why it asks permission to 'modify sd card contents' upon installation).After calculating the graph, at the top of the screen you find the day numbers for both ends of the graph, and teh novelty level for those days. Day numbers count down from the past to the zero date.The graph shows from the lowest to the highest novelty-value in the requested range on the Y-axis. Sometimes red lines show up in the graph. These indicate periods of resonance with the set end date (the date at the far right of the graph). It means that for that _period_ in history, the graph has the same shape as for the _day_ you have set as end date.Terence McKenna was an ethnobotanist who did much research with the indigenous peoples of the world, to learn of their medicinal plants and how they can benefit to everyone.Please consider making a donation to Terrence McKenna's conservation organisation. Started in 1985 by Terence McKenna and Kathleen Harrison, Botanical Dimensions is dedicated to the collection and propagation of medicinal and shamanic plants from the tropics around the world. Of equal importance is the gathering of folklore, methods and recipes concerning the traditional uses of such plants. Since the very beginning of humankind, the healing properties of the plant world have been invaluable in maintaining well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Cultures throughout the world have depended on medicinal and shamanic plants as the source of their physical cures and their spiritual guidance, yet many of these plants and their stories are now endangered or forgotten.Send check or money order to: Botanical Dimensions, P.O. Box 807, Occidental CA 95465, USA.

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