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tiny Lisp interpreter system on Android.Shell like user-interface is used.In ver 3.0, the history facility is added. In ver 4.0, Android functions are supported(TOAST, DigitalClock).In ver 4.1, load like (load "test.lsp") and (save "test.lsp" "(defun foo () 123)") is supported.In ver 4.3, the string type is supported.In ver 5.0, load/save from/to an external storage are supported.For Example, test.lsp in /mnt/sdcard/info.gomi.android.lisp.islisp/ (defun foo () 123)(defun bar (x y) (cons x y))In ver5.1, if there is a start.lsp, it is loaded in start.progn is supported.You can insert a new line in S-exp of file. —Built in functions are;car cdr cons list consp set-car set-cdr length + – * / = >= <= > < numberpsetq defun if eval eq quotesymbol-function set-symbol-function oblist funlisttoast clockload savestringp symbol-nameprognprint prin1 princ terpri(written in Java)equal eql zerop not append(written in S-expression)demonstration programs are;tarai tak hanoiP.S.The other android widget "Lisp Joke Widget", please.

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