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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING. I WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY IF YOU ARE TO LAZY TO READ & THEN COMPLAIN. THEME IS FOR XHDPI DEVICES ONLY! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Titanium is a theme that works for Apex Launcher, it comes with over 340 icons, a complete themed app drawer and homescreen elements as well as over 20 custom made wallpapers. To prevent misunderstandings, please read through down below. PREREQUISITESYou must have the latest version of Apex Launcher installedIMPORTANT- XHPDI DEVICES ONLY (96x96)- The size of the icons are meant to be this small- This only works on Apex Launcher- It is impossible to theme all applications on the store- If there is a missing icon for your app(s), you can request me to make it- If something doesn't work, PLEASE send me an email instead of rating it bad- Leaving a review helps me a lot- Only people that purchased it can send requests- Requests are only for existing applications.COMPATIBILITYLDPI - Not testedMDPI - Not testedHDPI - Not testedXHDPI - WorksXXHDPI - Not testedNote: This theme was made for xhdpi devices only, if you have a different screen resolution and buying it anyway, you're buying it on your own risk. If it does work for other screen sizes you can write me an email and I can update it above. Also, the icons are meant to be this small.WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "REQUEST"?If you have apps in your app drawer that do not look like the rest of the icons from this icon pack, I can make them look like them. Please note, this does not mean I will re-design an app or create an app icon for your upcoming application. HOW TO REQUEST ICONSIf there are missing themed icons of your application(s) you can send me a request and I will make those and update it together with the next version. I will make an update every time I get over 30 icon requests, so there won't be updates everyday (less annoying). All I need from you is a specification of which applications to theme and a receipt of your payment for this theme. If you can, please send me a link to the application (I may not live in the same country than you).HOW TO ACCESS THE ICONS1. Long-press an icon on the homescreen2. Press Edit3. Press the icon box on the left4. Select "Choose from icon packs"5. Choose "Titanium"HOW TO ACCESS THE WALLPAPERS1. Long press the homescreen2. Select Wallpapers3. Select "Apex Wallpapers"QUESTION & ANSWERSWhy aren't all of my apps themed?It is impossible for me to theme all existing applications, however you can request it.Why is there a blue frame when moving apps & widgets on the homescreen?I'm not able to theme this, this is system based, not launcher based.Why are the icons so small?The overall icon size & resolution is 96x96 (xhdpi), the reason why they are small is on purpose.The icons look really weird on my deviceYou most probably didn't read the description, it is for xhdpi devices only. Please make sure you have a xhdpi device before installingThose icons looks pixelated on my Droid DNAAgain, this is for xhdpi phones only! The Droid DNA has a higher resolution 144x144 which is an xxhdpi phoneWhy are there duplicated icons?This is because of the different activities, some apps have the same activities and some apps are duplicated because there is a mobile & tablet version.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTTo make a theme, to find and index all icons is takes forever to do, the price I'm charging with this theme isn't too much to ask, plus you get to send requests. Please consider buying the theme instead of getting it somewhere for "free".

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