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by On April 5, 2012
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TMB Maps is a very visual and interactive application developed by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona. It was designed with the purpose of facilitating the use of public transport in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area, offering real-time information. Superimposed onto territory map, TMB Maps displays the location of your bus and metro stops and all the information related to them and its corresponding lines. You can choose between standard map view, satellite or hybrid. The information about the public transport network is downloaded locally to ease communication. In addition, TMB Maps offers the following features: Where am I: map and transportation services around the user's GPS location. I want to go to: The popular route search engine of TMB that combines both bus and metro networks. TMB iBus: the expected arrival time of buses coming to your stop. Line Selector: allows checking out routes of your bus and metro lines, and even representing a journey combining both metro and bus. Favorites: Save your frequent queries by adding a bookmark. The application is available in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

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