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Todaycody is a Social Network Service that can let you connect and chat with your friends about fashions and latest trends. TodayCody was developed from the idea of “what other people are wearing day by day?” TodayCody will bring the new fashion related social network community where you can brag about your style or share your ideas about the fashion trends with others. You can chat and share many ideas and feedbacks with your friends about your outfits and their outfits as well. With TodayCody, You will perform the following activities,* If you want to receive a feedbacks from your friends about your outfit you have on today* If you want to brag about what you are wearing today* If you want to have your own fashion mentor or advisor * If you want to find out which outfit looks great on you* If you want to conduct market research before making a purchase for your outfit* If you want to know what other people are wearing* If you want to find out the trend for upcoming season* If you want to ask other people’s idea about how to coordinate an outfit I just purchased.* If you want to make friends with the people who’s wearing similar outfits and styles* If you want to find information on hard to find clothing items* If you want to find the latest trends by age groups and regions * If you do not know what to wear== Features ==CODY UP : You can upload and share the pictures of your clothes from smartphone conveniently and register your own outfit style Today CODY : View and browse through other people’s outfit and styles. You can discuss and share the ideas about other people’s styles through “Talk”. If you find the style you like, recommend it by clicking “Cool”. You can bookmark the style you like by using “Pick”TOP CODY : You can view the list of cody that were recommended by your friends through “Cool”My Pick : This is the area where you can bookmark your choices you have made. You can browse through the style you pickedtoday STYLE : Browse through the styles that were recommended by professional stylists. Learn the styles and learn how to dressProfile : Introduce yourself and get connected by writing this profile. Your friends can read about yourself and get connected through “Friends Pick” and you can read what have been posted about you.* TodayCody utilizes WiFi or 3G network for data transmission

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