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Although it does not know whether it is these days, there is a word which cannot be allowed with the word heard occasionally. "love term." Seemingly, it will come to get a telephone call from a girl, if it enters a love term. It is not a telephone of invitation never.I have also got the telephone call from the girl on the day in front of Christmas Eve. I was excited. I thought whether love term came also to me at last. Hahaha!!!The contents about which it spoke by telephone were such touch. (girl) "Hello,Are you XX?"(me) "yes,Are you YY?"(girl) "Yes,I am.I am glad to connect a telephone. "(me) "What is business?"(girl) "Well... Well... Will you be free tomorrow? "(me) "Oh! It will be free tomorrow. I will be very free tomorrow!!!"(my thinking) "There was a telephone from a YY. It will be Christmas Eve tomorrow. She often speaks to me also in an office. In fact, does she love me? she love me?she love me?she love me?I also love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"My cardiac beats rate increased by 50. The knee trembled. (girl) "well...I would like to ask of you. "(my thinking) "I have to become cool. I have to become cool. Don't realize my excitement to her. I am a senior...I am a senior. "(girl) "Well...I am very shameful. "(me) "Please say without keeping your distance from me. "(girl)"I want...I want... work to change tomorrow. "(me) "... kill me"This storyis not an actual story. Probably. You who think that love term does not come throughout life. This application is an application which enjoys love term virtually. A spoiled child's maki,An elder sister's nana,This unitis called Makina.Please decorate a photo frame with two girls for a photograph. Let's whisper I am loved by them.Let's enjoy love term virtually.Please do your best also in work. bye.

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