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4 Greats App Tools in one app – amazing!!SMS Export – 2X:Let you achieve , search and backup your (SMS) messages ,allowing you to delete those old text message from your inbox. You can export them to your SD card , print them off or send them to you email address, SMS Export is a true archiving system. Allowing you to also find text message from people or a particular text message that you received from someone that your trying to findMcontact Pro:This tool can be used to:[1]Save all Text messages to your Email or SD card[2]Backup & save incoming/ Outgoing call logs to your email[3]Find/Save/Export email address found in your gmail or hotmail. And make your own mailing list.Wizzzer Pro:[] Task Management Features[] Advanced applications and task Management features [[ Contacts Backup[] Export/ your Phone contacts[] Battery Life Management[] Task Killer + More all in one toolBlue Tooth Bounce:[]Turn on/off your blue tooth.

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