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Tooyoou pronounced (to-you) is a free mobile application that allows a user of an Android smartphone or tablet to opt-in to display advertising directly on the device’s home screen in exchange for a financial incentive and rewards earned over time.We believe since it’s your phone, it should be your choice.Tooyoou let’s you create your personal billboard(banner) on your Android device and have full control over it. To enable your Tooyoou billboard (Widget) follow the steps below after downloading, signing up and activating Tooyoou on your Android device.1. Find a free space on your Android device’s home screen that can hold a banner.2. Press your finger on that free space for 1-2 seconds.3. Press Widgets and Select Tooyoou from the list.****If you are using an Android device running Android 3.x and higher Tooyoou Widget might not appear in your App Widgets drawer right away after installing Tooyoou. Restarting/rebooting your device should make Tooyoou Widget available in the App Widgets drawer**** Read this blog post to learn how to enable your Tooyoou billboard – will earn Tooyoou points just for using Tooyoou on top of 20% of what advertisers pay us for each unique click on a new ad which we already share with you. You will be able to redeem Tooyoou points for cash and cool stuff at by spinning a lucky wheel.Your points will never expire. More options to redeem points coming soon.Tooyoou sends Paypal payments to App users on your Payment Date if your Tooyoou Account balance is greater than or equal to $5.00. If your Tooyoou Account Balance is below $5.00 you will retain the accrued balance but will be rolled over to the next Pay cycle.Sign up as a Tooyoou Affiliate here and learn all about Tooyoou Affiliate program to help us get more users and advertisers and earn more money.REMEMBER to keep Tooyoou WIDGET on your homescreen to keep seeing Ads and earning real money.***Tooyoou is DATA-intensive so Unlimited DATA PLAN recommended***Mobile Advertising as it exists is random, unrelated to the user’s choice or intent and does not engage mobile users as it should. Information often is stolen to target advertisements at users and mobile users never have their say at what can be and what should be advertised to them at what time. Last but not the least users never get a piece of the pie in the mobile ad ecosystem.We think we can do better than that! Tooyoou is an honest effort at getting mobile users have their say in mobile advertising and earn their piece of the pie. We don’t steal information, we ask and compensate you for that. You get to make your choice at any point of the day on what can be advertised on your billboard and the max bids get to put their ad on your phone’s homescreen. We share the ad revenue with you.Drop us an email at if you have questions, comments and suggestions or have problems using the App before leaving reviews. We will fix it for you!

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