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A smart, easy-to-use mixed-drinks app. Perfect for people who are new to mixed drinks, and pro bartenders who want a reference for recipes.No annoying ads!Search recipes by ingredients or by name. Misspellings allowed, similar-sounding names supported, and voice search enabled, for when *you* are the one drinking cocktails! Mark some recipes as favorites for quick access.Become an expert mixologist at your own pace with the shopping suggestions. For example, "If you get cream, you can make 50 more recipes!" and "Your favorites need triple-sec, which you don’t have." Send shopping lists via SMS, Twitter, email, or QR.We request only the fewest permissions necessary to run (Internet for statistics and downloading recipe-book updates, and writing to SD card for your drinks log). No intrusive contacts or location or other shady practices. We hate that as much as anyone.Please donate. 90% of the amount goes to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). 10% supports author’s work.

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