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What's really keeping you from developing a high impact, super funny stand-up comedy act for the stage that consistently gets the BIG LAUGHS? "Discover The Stand-up Comedy Secrets You Need To Kill On Stage In Record Time!" Get the questions you need answered NOW about how to develop and deliver a high powered stand-up comedy actImportant questions like:What do I talk about on stage?How do I get started developing a comedy act?How can I easily remember my comedy material?How can I get rid of nervousness before I get on stage?How can I improve my delivery?If you have already been involved in stand-up comedy for awhile, you may also have important questions like:How can I make my comedy material funnier?How can I add more punchlines to my comedy material?How do I come up with better jokes?How can I improve my timing?How do I handle hecklers?The reason that I am confident that you may have these questions is simple...MOST STAND-UP COMEDY "EXPERTS" DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS EFFECTIVELY

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