***** TORTOISE CARE A complete guide for the beginner to intermediate level reptile keepers that offers step-by-step instructions for setting up your tortoise and keeping him healthy. 

· Introduction 
· Natural History 
· Availability 
· Selecting Your Tortoise
· Size 
· Life Span 
· Sexing Your Tortoise
· Caging 
· Lighting 
· Temperature Needs 
· Substrate 
· Food / Vitamin-Mineral Supplementation 
· Water 
· Handling & Temperament 

***** Troubleshooting Issues:

· “My Tortoise Has a Runny Nose”· ”Why is My Tortoise’s Shell Getting Soft?” 
· “My Tortoise Won’t Eat” 

***** Also included is a small Gallery of tortoise species: 

· Red-Foot Tortoise
· Leopard Tortoise
· Russian Tortoise· African Spurred Tortoise
· Galapagos Tortoise

***** Written by one of the leading authorities on reptiles – Ron Tremper – who has kept tortoises for over 50 years.

***** Also by this author: LEOPARD GECKO PRO, LEOPARD GECKO CARE

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