Totally Random Hero RPG


Do you want to slay Dragons and Orcs? Would you rise up to defeat a horde of Ravenous Badgers that threaten the Kingdom? Then you have the makings to become a Totally Random Hero! Become a Stout, Claymore-Wielding Warrior or perhaps a Wise, Spell-Flinging Wizard. Maybe you fancy the shadows, sneaking up on your enemies and taking them down in one blow! In Totally Random Hero, the choice is yours… but everything else is random!This is a classically stylized adventure RPG. A combination of light text and biterized graphics keeps gameplay fun and interesting. This is the perfect pick-up and play game. Play for a few minutes or several hours, there will always be something to engage in.Features:- 1800+ Weapons and Items!- Fight with Swords, Daggers, Axes, Bows, Great Swords or War Hammers- Outfit your Hero with Armor and Helms and optimize them further with Enchanted Gloves and Boots.- 40+ Monster Types to defeat- 6 Character Stats to Upgrade for complete character Customization- Complete Quests to earn Experience, Gold, or Hero Points- Explore Swamps, Jungles, Mountains, and more in search of Cities and Dungeons- Level Cap: 50 (Coming Soon, NO LEVEL CAP!)- Challenge yourself to achieve the Highest Score Possible!- Death isn’t the End! Keep on playing but sacrifice your score!- You will NEVER play the same game twice!I am currently working on implementing app2sd. Once I have added Application Licensing to the app, I will be able to remove the copy protection so app2sd will work.If you have any problems with the game, want to send me some feedback, or suggestions then you can email me at htkgames@gmail.comKeywords: RPG, 8 Bit, Adventure, Text-Based, Random, Generated, Funny, Silly, Choose, Graphical, Old School, Medieval, Turn-Based, In-depth, Classic, Commodore

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