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Touch and Born! Moving paint"Touch and Born! Moving paint" is an intellectual education app for young kids (Qualifying age : 6 years old and under).Only your kids have to do is just touch, tap and shake your screen, then the painting which drawn by them will begin to move with changing to the creatures.Your kids learn a lot unconsciously with unique sound and movements.Moreover, your kids can feed some cakes for the creatures, they can learn the creatures growth little by little too.*You can't quit this app with the BACK button, because of avoiding young kids mistakes. When you want to quit this app, use the quit button of the menu button.*We have a pay version app with no ads.*We have intellectual education app with kimokawaii (something cute, but creepy) for kidsHow To Play- Tap : Creatures are born.- Drag : 8 types of long creatures are born.- Shake, when there are no creatures in the screen : The background color can be changed.- Shake, when there are some creatures in the screen : The creatures runs away with the scream.- Long Tap : Some cakes for the creatures can be given.*When you want to suspend or resume this app, use the BACK button.Keywords: drawing, painting, toddler, educational, kids, children, creature, tap, ladybugs, butterflies, bees, dragonfly

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