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*Requires Root**Currently supports Samsung Galaxy Note (tested on N7000), Galaxy S2**THIS IS TRIAL VERSION!!! FULL VERSION REQUIRES REGISTRATION AND IS PAID*NorthAmerican/AT&T Note users - see comment regarding kernel below!!!!TouchScreenTune application allows you to fine-tune settings of phone's touchscreen and calibrate Pen cursor position for every screen orientation (portrait/landscape...). (S-pen calibration obviously works only for Note)It allows to dramatically improve responsiveness and sensitivity of touchscreen.If you are using screen protector on your phone, the application will allow to raise screen sensitivity, so there will be no responsiveness impact from using screen protector.This application allows you to calibrate amount of touch movement, when actual reporting of scrolling starts. That allows more smooth feeling of the interaction with the touch screen.Without this application you cannot precisely draw or click small items with Pen because it reports position incorrectly - few millimeters away from the actual touch point. But this application allows you to precisely calibrate position of Pen touch on the screen. (Galaxy Note only)Some common problems:When first starting there should be popup from SuperUser application with request to get Root access. Some people say that sometimes it doesn't appear. In that case try starting the SU program first, and then this application.This application supports standard Samsung firmwares - with custom kernels it may not work (however I have successfully tested it with some custom kernels)Custom kernels: app requires kernel with KALLSYMS, so ask developer of your kernel to include this in his config when building kernel: CONFIG_KALLSYMS=y, CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL=yKnown issues: if when first starting application it seems to be not responding, and dialog asking to force close app comes - choose wait. This should happen only on first run.

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