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*Requires Root**Currently supports Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Tab 2 is not supported), Asus Transformer TF101/ Transformer Prime TF201* (and separate app for Galaxy Note)*THIS IS TRIAL VERSION!!! FULL VERSION REQUIRES REGISTRATION AND IS PAID*TouchScreenTune application allows you to fine-tune settings of tablet touchscreen.It allows to dramatically improve responsiveness and sensitivity of tablet touchscreen.Without this application, it is almost impossible to use Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer Prime for handwriting or drawing. Application completely fixes this issue.If you are using screen protector on your tablet, the application will allow to raise screen sensitivity, so there will be no responsiveness impact from using screen protector.If you are using stylus, it is almost useless without tuning touchscreen with this application on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer Prime.Using this application you can even turn on palm rejection future (only for Tab 10.1 and Prime tablets)! That means that your hand can rest on screen while writing/drawing using stylus, but you will still be able to write since touch events from your palm will be ignored.If you wish to use different settings in different situations - just create shortcuts with different settings from within the app, and launch them when needed!Just see youtube video, it shows how Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 works without this application, and with this application!Some common problems:When first starting there should be popup from SuperUser application with request to get Root access. Some people say that sometimes it doesn't appear. In that case try starting the SU program first, and then this application.Also when first granting SU rights, there may be some messages regarding inability to read settings. It's normal, after you grant SU rights application should work.Registering app - if you don't receive it in 12h:1. Check your spam folder its there2. I live in Europe, so when you write your emails I may sleep. And in the morning I answer all emails.3. If after a day you don't receive your code and send me email then I reply from two different email accounts to get it to you through your spam filters

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